indian surnames and meanings

  • Singh surname meaning

    The Singh surname is of Indian origin and is derived from the Sanskrit word “Singha” which means “lion”. The Singh…

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  • Upadhyay surname meaning

    The Upadhyay surname has its origins in the Sanskrit word upadhyaya, which means “teacher”. The surname is therefore most commonly…

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  • Chahal surname meaning

    The Chahal surname is derived from the Hindi word “chhala” meaning “hunting.” It likely originated as a nickname or occupational…

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  • Jadhav surname meaning

    Jadhav surname meaning. The Jadhav surname is derived from the Sanskrit word “jadhava,” meaning “descendant of Jadu.” The Jadus were…

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  • Patel surname meaning

    Patel surname meaning. The Patel surname is derived from Sanskrit word “patta” meaning “leaf” or “patra” meaning “vessel”. It is…

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  • Sandhu surname meaning

    The Sandhu surname meaning┬á is of Indian origin, and is found among Sikhs. It is derived from the Sanskrit word…

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