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Jarl name meaning

Jarl name meaning. The given name Jarl has its roots in Latin, and its meaning may be translated to either “nobleman” or “a man of authority.” In most contexts, the name is reserved for use with male infants. In Norse mythology, Jarl and his wife were responsible for the birth of 11 sons, all of whom grew up to be fierce warriors. ‘Vikings,’ one of the most popular shows on television, also has a character named Jarl Borg. People in positions of authority who possessed influence over regions of territory that were unified under the authority of a single monarch were referred to as jarls. Birger Jarl, who held the title of Jarl of Sweden, was a prominent politician in Sweden. In addition to that, he was the head of the Swedish crusade that eventually resulted in Swedish authority being established in Finland. It is supposed that he was the one who established the city of Stockholm.


Jarl is most often associated with the gender: male.

Is jarl a Viking name?

The name Jarl originates from Old Norse. It shares the same origin as the English word “earl.”

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