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What does the surname Gill mean ?

What does the surname Gill mean ?

This surname comes from the first name of an ancestor who lived a long time ago. “the son of Gill,” etc. Either Gill, which is a nick name for William (Guillaume), or Gill or Jill, which is a nick name for Juliana. Both were used for a while, but eventually the latter took precedence, and Will became the nick name of the former; v.

Where did the Gill family come from?

This name has its roots in Celtic culture and may be found not just in England and Ireland but also in Scotland and Wales. It may be found in a great number of manuscripts that date back to the middle ages in various nations. A Richard Gille from Cambridge is one example of this type of person. He was mentioned in the “Hundred Rolls” of England in the year 1273.

Gill World Ranking

According to estimates, there are 67,149 individuals in the United States whose last name is Gill, making it the 424th most common surname in the country.  Despite this, the surname Gill is projected to be held by 28,836 individuals in Canada, which places it at the 91st spot on the list of most prevalent surnames.  Furthermore, the name Gill is the 790th most common surname in the province of Quebec in Canada.  In the province of Newfoundland in Canada, Gill comes in 234th with 189 inhabitants. With 16,331 inhabitants, Australia places Gill at the 200th position in terms of population.  Based on the population count, Gill comes in at number 212 in New Zealand. With a population of 36,767 people, Gill has a ranking of 138th in the United Kingdom.

What type of last name is gill?

As anglicization of the Scottish or Irish patronymic McGill (or Mac Gille, Mac An Ghoill and variations), also derived from the roots of the same English name stated above, or perhaps the portion of the body itself. This name is used as a surname. This is another Indian surname that originates in the Punjab region.

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